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Reading Competition in Year 6

EnglischOn Wednesday, 15th March, in the third block there was a reading competition for Year 6 students.
Twelve students took part in the competition.
First the students read a text with the title “What a Wonderful World“ they had practised before in school and at home. After that there was a break and the readers had time to practise their new text while the listeners could make a quiz about the UK. 
In the second half of the competition the readers read their new text “Foxes“, but now the last reader of the first text was the first reader. Then the jury chose the winners. They worked very well. Alena Gündüz and Jonas Walter came third. They read their texts amazingly. Henrike Hänsch took second place because she read the texts fantastically. Nils Sänger and Julius Berthold came first because they read the texts excellently. Congratulations.

Jonas Walter and Florian Bedlewski, class 6c